Thu, 05 Dec 2019

Inspired by the dark.. the all-new 2020 Yamaha MT-03

Motorcycles that carry themselves with grace? Move out of its way. The MT-03 brings forward a sharp, aggressive new look that means business for the competition. A predatory, twin-eye face projects a mean, moody stare, with slanted LED headlights. The wide shoulders of the machine hold a muscular pose, thanks to the fuel tank and the upside-down fork layout - while the sharp lines work their way back, to create a hard-edged ride with an even harder spirit.

Inside the frame, a class-leading 321cc engine pushes riders to greatness with on-demand torque throughout the gearbox, while the power that shows at the top-end of each gear enables you to pick up your speed while letting the engine speak proudly with its deep roaring tones. Agility is one of the core strengths of the MT range, enabling riders to navigate through nimble twists and turns in the city; guiding throughout busy traffic and letting loose on incredible adventures, free of restraint.

Available in three stunning colourways, Ice Fluo which offers a sleek grey and red finish, Midnight Black which darkens the MT-03 to add to its stealthy character or Icon Blue, displaying Yamaha's iconic signature blue colour scheme, contrasted by black finish and accented with grey pieces.