Mon, 14 Jan 2019

Meet the all-new XSR700 XTribute

As the 1970's came to a close, Yamaha released a new motorcycle that would shift the balance in the motorcycle world and give riders more purpose and passion when taking on the streets. The XT500 was released as a light, simple and fun to ride machine that became an instant best seller with a legendary status that remains even today. 50 years later, Yamaha have finally returned to the market with a machine that hails to the high heritage of the original XT500 and pays homage to its many years of success.

Meet the all-new XSR700 XTribute, as the name suggests, Yamaha have reinvigorated an XSR700 frame, paying their respects to the legendary name that caused an explosion in their popularity many years ago. Featuring an iconic colour scheme, fitted with a range of exclusive scrambler equipment, the new XSR700 XTribute aims to recapture the fundamental thrills and enjoyment that riders seek in their motorcycle.

Specially featured in this model is an XT-style flat seat, with chunky footrests to keep your grip, along with off-road handlebars and fork gaiters that compliment and further immerse the scrambler style within its element. Inside the frame lies a 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine and lightweight chassis, offering prominent torque for quick line-leading acceleration and then top-end power that gives riders the thrilling speed they desire - all packaged into a stylish and charismatic machine.

You can learn more about the XSR700 XTribute here on our website. You can speak to our team in-store to find out more or to place a deposit.