Mon, 14 Jan 2019

Why choose us for a service?

With so many places around offering motorcycle servicing, you might ask yourself, why choose to bring your pride and joy to Webbs Of Lincoln? We're confident that we can answer that question and putting us to the test, you'd be more than satisfied when you take your machine back home. We're confident in our servicing department and their capabilities having seen their success as bike after bike rolls in and promptly out of our doors.

So why choose us? Whether you're a customer of Webbs having bought your motorcycle here, or a customer just looking for some TLC on their motorcycle, we offer many reasons why. As a customer returning to Webbs, getting your machine serviced here enables us to grant your bike some additional resale value in the long term, giving you service stamps all from the original place of origin. A future prospective buyer would see this as an additional safety net for consistency, having the same team work on the machine - especially if your ride is one of the brands we offer. 

On top of this, our team is comprised of confident, factory trained technicians with access to all of the latest diagnostic equipment and specialised tools - so they're fully equipped to complete their jobs efficiently, saving you time and money. With over 20 years of experience, our guarantee of outstanding workmanship applies whether you're in for a simple tyre change or a full motorcycle service. We're confident make or model your machine is, and even offer quotes for custom work if you're looking for something a little special.

Don't want to have your day interrupted? We understand, that's why we offer a free loan bike service while your bike is in with us. Just book it early with us and speak to our team and we'll ensure you're given a ride to continue your day with, then as soon as your bike is ready, you can come collect it and head back home in no time. If the British weather is fighting you, we also offer a collection service making it easier to keep to your desired schedule. 

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your servicing needs, or even to book any service work or an MOT today. We're more than happy to help.