Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs In Peterborough

Your pride and joy should remain in good hands even after it leaves the showroom and with our exceptional aftercare service, we ensure that your motorcycle receives the attention it deserves to keep performing at its best and running like new throughout its lifetime.

When leaving your Triumph or Yamaha with us for a service, you can rest assured that our fully equipped workshop includes all the latest diagnostic equipment along with special tools to ensure all work carried out, is done efficiently to save you time and money. In addition to this, all work is handled by our award-winning technicians offering over 20 years experience to guarantee outstanding workmanship, regardless of whether your pride and joy is in for a tyre change or a full motorcycle service.

We invest a lot of resources into our staff to ensure they are trained in all the latest technology, so whether you're riding the latest bike or a classic that requires that extra special touch, our staff are always prepared with the relevant knowledge to deal with all your concerns.

We use only genuine parts and accessories for all our service work to ensure your ride continues to operate efficiently and effectively as long as possible. Our continuous aim is to ensure that your ride delivers optimum performance, giving you complete peace of mind.

Check out all the services offered here at Webbs Motorcycles and get booking for any motorcycle needs. 

  • Motorcycle Service
  • Motorcycle MOT's
  • Tyre fitting
  • Motorcycle Repair work
  • Motorcycle Accessories fitting
  • Motorcycle Warranty Work
  • Full Motorcycle Health Checks

Need to be somewhere? We offer a free loan bike service while your bike is being serviced. Numbers are limited so book early. Terms and conditions apply.

Struggling to get in to see us or is the British weather against you? We can also arrange to collect your bike.

For more information or to enquire about other services you may require, give our service team a call on 01733 223 444.



Experience: -  Over 40 Years as a MotorcycleTechnician. 

Claim to fame: - Runner-up in the Yamaha UK Technican's Grand Prix .

Music:-  Rock

Food: - Anything

Drink: - Mann's Brown.



Experience: - 8 Years as an Apprentice/Motorcycle Technician.

Claim to fame: - Recently completed the Monte Carlo Rally.

Music: - Rock.

Food: -Everything. 

Drink: - Everything.



Experience: - Over 20 years as a Motorcycle Technician.

Claim to Fame: - Once appeared in a "Performance Bike" editorial called "Cheap Thrills" about a 350LC.

Music: - Yeah, Rock.

Food: - Anything warm, without salad.

Drink: - Jack Daniels & Coke.